Engineering Services & Testing

Amsted Rail has extensive experience testing rail components to meet the most demanding specifications. A highly sophisticated servo-hydraulic dynamic testing machine allows Amsted Rail to be one of only a few companies in the United States capable of offering complete transit bogie testing.
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Design, Analysis and Test Capabilities

  • Advanced dynamic simulation
  • Performance assessment
  • System optimization
  • Industry leading Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural integrity validation
  • Weight reduction
  • Complete truck and coupling system validation testing
  • Component development and verification
  • Broad range of Industry expertise

Available Tests

  • Static and multi-axis dynamic testing of Complete Truck Systems
  • Static and dynamic testing of Truck Frames and Bolsters
  • Static and dynamic testing of Couplers, Yokes and Knuckles
  • Fatigue testing of Springs and Resilient Elements
  • Stress and strain investigations
  • Failure analysis
  • Computer simulations