Friction Shoes

Amsted Rail’s long history of truck development and innovation ensure the quality and performance that you have come to expect from an industry leader. Our systems engineering design approach allows for optimized solutions for both performance and longevity of the friction damping system. Our highly engineered friction damping systems improve ride quality and truck performance, providing longer life cycle for your railcar components.

Motion Control®, Super Service Ride Master

Wide shoe design increases truck warp stiffness and stability Optimized wedge design for excellent performance and longevity Provides excellent performance throughout a wide range of car weights and types

Ride Control® and Super Service Ride Control®

  • Wide shoe design increases truck warp stiffness and stability
  • Optimized shoe design for excellent performance and longevity
  • Excellent empty car damping characteristics


Split Wedge Shoes provide higher warp stiffness than standard narrow wedges.

Swing Motion

Advanced polymer friction face material provides improved ride quality Multiple shoe materials for optimized performance and life.