PreLoad Plus CCSB

Our new PreLoad Plus® Constant Contact Side Bearing (CCSB) uses spring technology for constant performance throughout the life of the side bearing. PreLoad Plus is critical to M976 Truck System performance as it provides consistent preload without degradation compared to elastomer style side bearings.

Product Information

  • Bearings help control hunting and control carbody roll.
  • Steel springs last over 1 million miles without significant preload loss.
  • Improves the ride quality, curve negotiation and overall stability of railcars even at high speeds, saving fuel and wear.
  • Retains its design preload longer than elastomeric bearings, so you’ll replace/adjust them less often, saving you even more.
  • Bearings use steel springs for long life and consistent preload.
  • Steel springs have less that 2% preload decay after 1 million miles of service.
  • Long Travel (5/8″).
  • Steel spring elements.
  • Hardened wear surfaces.
  • Spring element inspection window.
  • Proven service history.
  • Three models feature preloads of 4000, 4500, and 5600 lbs.
  • PP4000
  • PP4500
  • PP5600