Heavy haul impacts call for high-performance protection

The ends of your heavy haul railcars take a beating from high-impact contact. To withstand the relentless pounding – from railcar coupling to push and pull on the go – you need the toughest protection available. You need the kind of innovative energy management systems that have set the standard worldwide for performance and reliability that only Amsted Rail can provide.

The single-source solution

Our comprehensive product line enables you to customize and coordinate all your end-of-car system needs with a single supplier. From the market’s toughest integral cast draft sills and draft gear, to a complete line of AAR-approved cushioning units, drawbars and couplers, Amsted Rail can deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Couplers, Connectors and Knuckles

ASF-Keystone®, a division of Amsted Rail®, manufactures a complete line of AAR approved couplers, yokes, knuckles, and articulated connectors to meet any application in the railroad industry today and into the future.


When conditions require the uncompromised separation of railcars, our flame-hardened drawbars provide up to 60% slack reduction in a 116-car train. Plus, you realize a weight savings of 486 pounds compared to the standard Type E coupler.

Active Draft Cushioning Units

Need full protection from start to stop? From freight yard impacts to in-train jostling, these devices are designed to maintain compression at all times. This provides optimal protection against both the push and pull stresses your cars experience whenever the train stops or goes.

Cushioning Units

If you’re looking to protect fragile cargo, you cannot do better than our shock absorbers. For high-value items, such as auto racks, our 10-inch shock absorbers are the industry standard. Whatever the car type or operating conditions, we offer a complete line of AAR-approved hydraulic devices to address your needs.

Endurance 325™ Draft Gear

The Endurance 325 draft gear offers protection, performance and durability in one lightweight package. Our latest AAR M901E unconditionally approved draft gear has been optimized for lower stresses and longer life.

  • Lightweight, high-performance gear
  • AAR M901E unconditionally approved
  • Offers 3-1/4” of travel in both the buff and draft direction
  • Delivers 80 lb. weight savings over comparable 901E gears
  • Fits a standard 24-5/8” draft gear pocket
  • Utilizes the AAR Standard Yoke and Follower
  • Optimized housing design for longer life (lower stresses)

Integral Cast Draft Sills

These precision-engineered, one-piece workhorses are ideal for protecting heavily used assets, such as coal hoppers. They feature a flame-hardened center plate free of welds for maximum durability. The DuraSill Integral Cast Draft System exceeds AAR specifications for design loads, while reducing car set weight by nearly 300 pounds.

Twin Pack® Draft Gear

Combining these short-stroke polymer shock absorbers with our cast draft sill provides the best possible protection for your railcars. Winning worldwide acclaim, the revolutionary Twin Pack® is AAR approved and available for all coupler types. Amsted Rail® offers a broad range of the lightest, most durable draft gear to maximize the life of any type of railcar in any kind of environment.

Breaking Down Excellence