End-of-Car Systems and Components

Thousands of Amsted Rail end-of-car components for passenger cars and locomotives are in service, including H-tightlock couplers, yokes, knuckles, pins, and radial connectors. We’re uniquely positioned to meet all your needs, from replacement parts to complete assemblies, all manufactured and tested in the USA.

OEM End-of-Car Offerings

  • Only Amsted Rail stands ready to deliver bundled end-of-car systems for transit applications
  • American-made Type H Tightlock couplers, yokes, knuckles, draft gears, pins and radial connectors designed for intercity and commuter cars
  • Waughmat style draft gears available as components and assemblies
  • Optional crash energy management system placed at rear-end of coupler/yoke assembly for extra passenger protection
  • Thousands of components in service with transit operators across the USA
  • Type E & F couplers, yokes and draft gears for diesel locomotives Only North American supplier of new elastomeric locomotive draft gears

Aftermarket Parts and Overhauls

Amsted Rail has the capacity to inspect and overhaul end-of-car systems and provide a full range of individual components, including those for locomotives. As a single-source supplier, you can depend on us for the most exclusive items. We are the only domestic supplier of couplers fitted with highly efficient elastomeric draft gears.