Bogie Assembly Systems & Components

Amsted Rail transit bogies, built on service-proven General Steel Industries platforms, are designed for the demands of intercity and commuter rail. With a full catalog of maintenance parts manufactured in the USA, you can count on Amsted Rail transit bogies to keep your passengers moving.

Commuter and Intercity

  • Powered and trailing units
  • Inboard and outboard journals
  • Running speeds to 125 MPH
  • Coil and air spring secondary suspensions
  • Durable, proven cast steel designs
  • Tread and disc braking options
  • Adaptable car body interfaces
  • Multiple wheel diameter options

Built on Service-Proven GSI Platform

  • Complete Transit Truck Systems
  • Designs surpass FRA, PRIIA, and APTA standards
  • Proven service life and lowest life cycle cost
  • Dynamic and structural analysis expertise