Amsted Rail offers your customers a wide range of AAR-approved braking equipment, engineered for optimum performance. Amsted Rail® innovative brake systems are specifically designed to meet the demands and stand up to the rigors of heavy haul service.

Body Mounted Brakes

The ABU body mounted brake cylinder is interchangeable with existing cylinders. It is lightweight and features fabricated construction. It has a 12-inch stroke and is corrosion resistant for optimum performance.

Empty-Load Device

Available for all freight car types, Amsted Rail®Empty-Load Devices sense whether the car is loaded or empty and proportions brake-cylinder pressure accordingly.

Hand Brake

Amsted Rail has the world’s widest product line of AAR-approved hand brakes, including vertical wheel brakes for any type of freight car.

Slack Adjuster

Amsted Rail® offers both conventional and truck mounted automatic slack adjusters to maintain constant piston travel, and minimize brake shoe force loss due to shoe and wheel wear.

Tank Car Ball Valve

The Tank Car Ball Valve is a full port ball valve designed specifically for tank cars. Available in various sizes with threaded NPT ends or threaded to bolted flange design.

Truck Mounted Brakes

The AAR-approved Amsted Rail® Truck Mounted Brake (TMB) System is a proven high mileage, low maintenance system that can help lower the total cost of railcar ownership. Our Truck Mounted Brake System fits on standard AAR bolsters and employs standard brake beams and cylinders, allowing for efficient assembly and versatile retrofit to existing railcars.


The IBEX™ Truck Mounted Brake (TMB) system is engineered for greater safety, efficiency and seamless performance in heavy haul applications. Its lightweight, versatile modular design offers more payload and a longer brake system life.