Amsted Rail’s Brenco® Bearings was founded in 1949 to manufacture bronze journal bearings for railroad freight cars. In 1959, Brenco received conditional AAR approval for the product it is known for today throughout the worldwide railroad industry — the tapered roller bearing.

Supplying the majority of the North American OEM market, millions of our bearings are in use today providing dependable and reliable service in one of the most demanding environments in the world. Brenco’s reputation for quality, reliability and dependability are standards for all the products we manufacture.

AAR Standard: Class D, Class E, Class F, Class G

Brenco® bearings employ Polyamide Cages to maximize bearing resistance to high impact. Seamless forged rings ensure optimal performance under extreme loads.

Generation 2000: Class K, Class M

Prevent excessive axle deflections that lead to fretting, back face wear and loose components. The use of hardened steel components in inboard contact areas provides fretting performance benefits over the competition.

Inch: Ausbrid®, Ausbrid® Plus, MEGA-TONNE

Developed for the world’s heaviest haul railroads, they are typically sold in Australia and China. Mega-TONNE bearings, manufactured with the best materials in the industry, provide up to twice the relative bearing fatigue life of the AAR Class G bearing. Using the Tru-guard seal, most of our international bearings operate with zero seal torque.

Locomotive: Class GG

Equipped with Polyamide Cages as a safety standard along with seamless forged rings, these super heavy-duty bearings were created specifically to meet the higher demands of locomotive service.

Metric: 130x230, 150x250, 130x250

Using the Tru-Guard seal, most of our international bearings operate with zero seal torque.

Tru-Fit® Backing Ring

Eliminates loose backing rings which account for nearly 40% of all bearing-related wheel set removals, and millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Prevents relative motion and wear on the axle while adding excellent water exclusion properties.

Bearing Seal Options

Available for our most popular bearings sizes, our seals have a track record of proven performance in some of the world’s toughest operating environments.