Adapter Plus Steering Pad System

The patented elastomer pedestal pad-liner-bearing adapter design improves axle-to-rail wheelset alignment. Unlike conventional adapters, which are all iron, the elastomer pad allows controlled motion of the wheelset lowering forces in a curve. Adapter Plus improves curving and rolling resistance and reduces wear on the sideframe pedestal roof, thrust lug, bearing adapter crown and the bearing adapter thrust lug area.

Product Information

  • 50% increase in life of rail in curves higher than 2 degrees.
  • 25% increase in wheel-set life.
  • 6%-8% decrease in fuel consumption.
  • 35% increase in truck rebuild interval.
  • Adapter Pads- Elastomer Pedestal Pad and Adapter
  • M-976 approved on 100ton ASF® Motion Control® Trucks, and 100ton HD Trucks.
  • Unlike other designs there are no special side frame modifications required.
  • Superior curving performance with passive steering.
  • Available in 6 x 11, 6-1/2 x 9, 6-1/2 x 12, and 7 x 12. International Designs available.
  • Customers have experienced over 1,000,000 service miles.
  • Nearly two decades of field service with thousands of carsets operating today.
  • Eliminates side frame pedestal roof wear and thrust lug wear.
  • Replaces pedestal roof wear plates.
  • Bearing adapter wear eliminated.
  • Eliminates metal-to-metal contact.
  • Wheel life extended with reduced lateral force in curves.
  • Easy retrofit to all existing HD split wedge or SSRM Trucks.
  • Roller bearing life is increased with reduced lateral forces and vertical impacts.