High performance rail solutions for the transit industry

Amsted Rail is the global leader in truck systems and end-of-car components. For more than a century, Amsted Rail has provided performance driven solutions that deliver durability, reliability and safety to the freight rail market. With the addition of service-proven General Steel Industries (GSI) truck designs, Amsted Rail is ready to offer the same support to the transit industry.

Truck Assemblies and Systems

  • Amsted Rail transit is a provider of complete transit truck systems manufactured in the US.
  • Thousands of trucks in service throughout North America
  • Proven General Steel Industries (GSI) product line consists of inboard and outboard journal bearing designs
  • Advanced dual suspension systems - Primary and secondary
  • Coil spring, Chevron spring pads, and air spring cushion
  • Axles manufactured at state-of-the-art facility
  • Brenco® bearings
  • Full catalogue of maintenance parts to keep your passengers moving

End-of-Car Components

  • US manufactured H-Tightlock couplers, yokes, knuckles, pins, radial connectors
  • Rigorous testing and proven history at Camp Hill, PA facility
  • Thousands of components already in service
  • Designed for demanding intercity and heavy cars
  • Ready to meet all your maintenance needs from parts to complete assemblies

State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities

  • Static and dynamic testing of Side Frames and Bolsters
  • Static and dynamic testing of Couplers, Yokes and Knuckles
  • Static and multi axis dynamic testing of Complete Truck Systems
  • Fatigue testing of Springs and Resilient Elements
  • Stress and strain investigations
  • Failure analysis
  • Computer simulations
  • Instrumented over-the-road testing utilizing our rail-focused engineering department as well as full dynamic simulation of truck and end-of-car systems
  • Bolt torque/clam load testing
  • Fabrication shop – tooling, fixtures, repairs
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Case Study

Enhancing GSI Truck Technology

In 2017, a Northeast Corridor transit agency opened a bid request for Multilevel III coaches. Collaborating with a global coach builder, Amsted Rail seized the opportunity to design, model and optimize GSI truck designs to exceed APTA,  FRA, high-speed stability, and ride quality requirements. As part of its mission, Amsted Rail also sought to maximize the US content of its truck system proposal.

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