Plastic Pellet Gates

Amsted Rail’s innovative pellet car components not only meet or exceed rigorous EPA regulations, but set new standards worldwide for reliability and performance. You can effectively control pellet movement to minimize costly shattering and contamination.

Our comprehensive product line also enables you to customize and coordinate all of your pellet car needs through a single, reliable supplier. Amsted Rail has you covered, from the market’s most versatile, EPA-approved pellet outlet gates and hatch covers to a complete line of AAR-approved empty-load devices, slack adjusters, hand brakes and truck mounted brakes.

Klean Seal

Amsted Rail®’s durable, recyclable, plastic Klean Seals are easily applied and removed from our pellet gates to effectively reduce the risk of leaks or contamination between loads.

Plastic Pellet Gates

Our Plastic Pellet Gates permit fast unloading of grains and pelletized chemicals without contamination. The lightweight, low profile design allows for higher pellet load volume within the car and exponentially more profitable operation.