Culture of innovation drives nonstop performance

At Amsted Rail, next-generation technology isn’t just on the drawing board. It’s attached to your railcar. For over a century, we’ve been advancing heavy haul rail with innovative components and integrated systems that set the standard for performance and reliability.

Our Manifesto

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We have an ongoing commitment to creating a company-wide culture of innovation, using cutting edge technology to keep your railcars rolling today, and far into tomorrow.


Ongoing Education

Mentor Programs


Innovation Labs

Strong Investment in R&D

Through our state-of-the–art engineering and performance testing centers, we’re dedicated to finding new ways to shape the future of heavy haul rail.

See How We Do It

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Setting the Standard for Performance and Reliability

Our rigorous testing process ensures that every product meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

Bogie Test Engineering Center Highlights:

  • 900 lb. Drop testing machine
  • Side Frame Fatigue testing machine
  • Multiple Coil Spring testing machine

Bearing Performance Engineering Highlights:

  • Utilizes powerful computer programs to assist in new bearing component design
  • Multiple types of test rigs including Tandem, Durability, Vibration, Cold Box, and Water Spray
  • Roller bearing Cold Box testing to -60°C
  • Seal test rigs capable of complete testing to AAR M-959 specification
  • Bearing Service Engineers perform numerous in-service tests

Wheel Engineering Highlights: