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For over a century, the Griffin® wheel brand has been at the forefront in wheel design, manufacturing innovation, and reliability. Now an integral part of Amsted Rail®, Griffin® is making an even stronger commitment to industry-leading safety and innovation. The latest advance is Griffin®’s patented Micro Alloy® wheel which is already setting the standard worldwide by providing greater strength at higher temperatures, resulting in fewer wheel-set removals and dramatically longer wheel life.

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A real workhorse that can stand up to today's demanding heavy haul services around the world, the AAR Standard One-Wear wheel is the go-to choice for proven reliability and durability. AAR Standard One-Wear wheels are available in 28", 33", 36" and 38".
One-Wear Plus
If you're looking to add more miles to your wheel's life, take a close look at the One-Wear Plus. It provides additional tread service metal for cars in higher mileage freight car service, which can lead to extended service life.
Proprietary Micro Alloy®
Made from a patented material that provides increased resistance to thermal degradation, nothing can take the heat at higher temperatures like the Griffin® Micro Alloy® wheel. Available in multiple wheel diameters; including locomotives.
Two-Wear and Multi-Wear
When your wheels get worn down, you can bring them back to life with our Two-Wear and Multi-Wear wheels. Made of extra rim thickness, it allows a worn wheel to be machined and restored to its original shape multiple times during its lifetime.