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Engineered to the most exacting standards in the world

Precision engineering. Exacting tolerances. Demanding processes. That’s how the AXIS division of Amsted Rail® sets the bar higher for axle performance. From cast ingot to finished product, we manufacture every axle for the heavy haul market with no margin for error. Our manufacturing processes, testing and technology are as demanding and rigorous as the railcar environments axles have to withstand every day.


  • World’s most advanced axle facility
  • At Amsted Rail’s state-of-the-art axle manufacturing facility in Paragould, Arkansas, our fully automated manufacturing system delivers a higher degree of precision and efficiency, ensuring each axle meets the toughest industry specs. Every year, this world-class 135,000 square foot facility can produce up to 120,000 axles and ship them to a growing customer base spanning 5 continents.
  • Whatever type of axle, we make it
  • By leveraging the latest innovations and technology, our Paragould facility can produce a wider variety of axle designs with reduced lead times. Today, AXIS produces over 65 different types of railroad axles and has the capability to manufacture virtually any type of railroad axle used in the world today. We can even customize an axle to meet your requirements.
  • Full geneology
  • Through superior data tracking in the manufacturing process, we’re able to electronically track every axle and monitor its progress. We can also provide our customers with full geneology upon request so you have an efficient tool to retain your axle’s history.


  • Quality control eliminates doubt
  • Zero tolerance for error is built into every step of our manufacturing process. Checkpoints along the way help ensure all tolerances are being met and no axle gets shipped unless it conforms to the most rigorous industry specifications. In addition, broader use of automation eliminates human variability. By maintaining the most stringent quality control standards, you’re assured we deliver more than high-performance axles, but 24/7 peace of mind.
  • The edge in raw materials
  • Close proximity to major mills
  • All materials are stored inside
  • Precise chemical and physical quality control
  • Precise weighing and length control
  • Forging is faster
  • Fastest Radial forging style GFM Machine in the world
  • Performs 380 forming steps per minute while maintaining tightest industry tolerances
  • Precise position control yields near net shape formed axle
  • In-process inspection/monitoring
  • Capable of handling raw materials to 17.5 inches diameter and 2.1 tons
  • Forged lengths to 18 feet
  • Steel can take the heat
  • Furnaces capable of heating steel to over 1800°F
  • Can heat-treat parts weighing up to 4,000 lbs.
  • Chemical and mechanical properties of steel analyzed after heat-treating to ensure proper structure
  • Machined to tightest tolerances
  • Fully automated system features multiple lathes combined with an end facing/centering/ drilling/
  • tapping machine capability
  • Enables axles to be produced at a rate of one axle in less than 3 minutes
  • Achieves superior axle tolerance: tolerance within +_ 0.00005 inches


  • Precision-forged for world-class performance
  • The Axis division of Amsted Rail manufactures a complete line of axle designs to meet your needs—from freight car axles, to locomotive axles, to transit axles and straight shafts. Every axle is manufactured to the highest standards for precision, consistency, quality and reliability—resulting in every one being ISO 9001 Certified.


  • As-forged and heat-treated
  • Rough machined; + 0.04" (1mm) tolerance
  • Semi-finished; approximately .10" stock for grinding
  • Finished; + 0.0008" (0.02 mm) tolerances