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Over the past 30 years, average freight car weight has increased over 50%, from 70 tons to 110 tons. That's a dramatic jump in capacity and it's taking place in both in North America and globally. All that extra weight puts extra stress on today's freight car axles – making reliability and performance an even greater priority.

Key facts

By partnering with AXIS and Amsted Rail®, you gain leadership expertise that pays off in precision axle manufacturing--from forging and heat-treating to machining and finishing. You also get the unmatched heavy haul experience of Amsted Rail.


Precision engineering. Exacting tolerances. Demanding processes. That's how the AXIS division of Amsted Rail sets the bar higher for axle performance. From cast ingot to finished product, we manufacture every axle for the heavy haul market with no margin for error. Our manufacturing processes, testing and technology are as demanding and rigorous as the railcar environments axles have to withstand every day.


The Axis division of Amsted Rail manufactures a complete line of axle designs to meet your needs–from freight car axles, to locomotive axles, to transit axles and straight shafts. Every axle is manufactured to the highest standards for precision, consistency, quality and reliability-resulting in every one being ISO 9001 Certified.