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Moving the industry forward with the world’s most reliable bogie systems

Amsted Rail is the driving force in building the most reliable bogie car assemblies in the world. Through our ASF-Keystone® Division, Amsted Rail designs and manufactures a range of complete bogie systems to satisfy every application, thrive in every environment and meet every challenge. All backed by our century-old AAR record for proven reliability.

TrakMaster™: Revolutionizing bogie technology
Next-generation performance tailor-made for high mileage, heavy axle load railcars
  • First bogie to pass the latest AAR specification criteria with updated track profiles
  • Better curving performance to reduce wheel flange wear
  • Longer wheel life and component life
  • Re-engineered dual rate suspension
  • Lower maintenance costs

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Motion Control®
Delivering increased payloads and increased service life
  • Most versatile variable damped bogie for all asset types
  • Lightest and most commonly specified M-976 bogie system available
  • Lowest lifecycle maintenance costs
  • Adapter Plus® steering pad provides improved wheel and bearing service life
  • Longer friction wedge life
  • First bogie to achieve unconditional AAR M-976 approval
  • Optimal for 286,000 pound Gross Rail Load/32.5 tone Axle Load
Super Service Ride Control®
Reduces wear and keeps the bogie square
  • Wide-winged friction wedge
  • Provides good stability
  • Keeps bogie square as components wear
  • Up to 286,000 pound Gross Rail Load/ 32.5 tonne Axle Load
Swing Motion®
Premier suspension design for safety and stability at high speeds
  • The ultimate in freight rail bogie performance for lading protection
  • Proprietary Swing Motion stabilization system unsurpassed in high-speed stability
  • Superior ride quality
  • Improved lading protection
  • Reduced wheel and component wear
  • Lower maintenance and lifecycle costs
  • Ideal for automobile and finished goods transport
  • Reduced damage claims
  • Up to 286,000 pound Gross Rail Load/32.5 tonne Axle Load
Ride Control®
Standard bogie for various applications
  • Constant damped bogie
  • Predecessor to Super Service Ride Control®
  • Smaller wide-winged friction shoe provides good stability
  • Widely accepted end truck for articulated intermodal equipment
  • Up to 286,000 pound Gross Rail Load/ 32.5 tonne Axle Load