Amsted Rail forms Amsted Digital Solutions SAS in support of its global growth

Amsted Rail is happy to announce the establishment of a European location with a primary focus on telematics. The company, Amsted Digital Solutions SAS (Amsted Digital), is headquartered in Levallois Perret, France and offers end-to-end IoT telematics platforms developed by USA based Amsted Digital Solutions, Inc.

Amsted Digital has recently introduced the latest generation of onboard telematics hardware and end-to-end platform solutions for unpowered assets, such as rail wagons and ISO containers. The platform features ultra-low powered IoT device hardware including wireless sensors, communication management units or gateways, as well as sophisticated device management, and cloud-based tools and applications that deliver data and real-time intelligence to a user’s computer, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or mobile device.

“The launch of Amsted Digital in Europe is well-timed, as the future of Smart Transportation is rapidly approaching with advances in many fields including chipsets, battery technology, and artificial intelligence. We have partnered with select strategic companies, universities, and technology partners over the past few years to redefine IoT platforms of the future, today,” said John Wories, President of Amsted Rail.

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