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TrakMaster™: North America’s most advanced three-piece freight bogie system



Totally redesigned top-to-bottom with the latest cutting edge technology


TrakMaster innovations

Innovative bolster pocket design, and bolt-in bolster wear plates

Unique pocket and wedge design along with its proprietary material:
  1. Improves overall vertical and lateral performance
  2. Lowers maintenance costs
  3. Extends overall uptime and utilization of your asset

Redesigned IBEX® brake system

Incorporating our proprietary IBEX truck mounted brake system into TrakMaster can significantly improve brake shoe-to-wheel tread surface alignment, leading to:
  1. Prolonged wheel wear life of 25% on average
  2. Fewer premature wheelset removals for issues such as thin flange or asymmetric wheel wear

First-of-its-kind proprietary wireless sensor node

Located at the bearing adapter, this unique sensor allows asset owners to move from “condition-based” maintenance to near real-time predictive maintenance. Result:
  1. No more premature removals of wheelsets for bearing or wheel defects, thereby:
    • Increasing uptime
    • Ensuring safety and reliability
  2. No other bogie system offers this feature.

TrakMaster. The next bogie revolution is here.