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Our Commitment to Employees

Amsted Rail is a family of companies that succeeds because of our family of employees. We are serious about providing every individual with a work environment that fosters professional growth, well-being and innovation - no matter what continent they are on.

The Benefits of an Employee Owned Company

Employee Development

Over 60% of employees
seize new opportunities

through our development process

1,000s of hours
are invested each year in individual employee development


Up to
60% incident reductions at our manufacturing facilities.

Safety is one of our top priorities and our results confirm that. We have spent thousands of hours and invested heavily in our behavior-based safety program, utilizing the right mix of training, awareness, observation, follow-through and communication.

Culture of Relationship

Every person deserves to be treated with love, dignity and respect

We thrive in a culture of relationship that enables us to understand each other through our differences and informs our interactions, confirming that what we do matters.


151 employees quit smoking
with the help of our cessation program.

578 employees currently enrolled
in the gym membership reimbursement program.

40,254 miles
RAILFIT participants logged during the last fitness
challenge in 2016.

439 prizes awarded
in the form of Fitbits and gift cards to
RAILFIT participants.

The Benefits of an Employee Owned Company

Amsted offers top tier retirement wealth accumulation and is among the best retirement opportunities in the US. With a combined 5% company provided investment in Amsted’s ESOP and a 5% 401(k) match, Amsted is able to provide retirement growth that other companies aren’t able to offer.

Amsted also offers a comprehensive package of benefits that include medical and prescription coverage with an HSA, dental, vision, supplemental life, short-term disability, long-term disability, Teladoc, legal services, EAP and paid holidays and vacation.

Every day renewing our commitment to a better tomorrow.


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