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Cushioning Units

Our comprehensive product line enables you to customize and coordinate all your end-of-car system needs with a single supplier. From the market’s toughest integral cast draft sills and draft gear, to a full line of AAR-approved cushioning units, drawbars and couplers, Amsted Rail® provides integrated systems engineered to effectively reduce impact stress.

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Active Draft Cushioning Units
Need full protection from start to stop? From freight yard impacts to in-train jostling, these devices are designed to maintain compression at all times. This provides optimal protection against both the push and pull stresses your cars experience whenever the train stops or goes.
Cushioning Units
If you’re looking to protect fragile cargo, you cannot do better than our shock absorbers. For high-value items, such as auto racks, our 10-inch shock absorbers are the industry standard. Whatever the car type or operating conditions, we offer a complete line of AAR-approved hydraulic devices to address your needs.