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Enhance your bottom line with top-of-the-line solutions

State-of-the-art pellet car components from Amsted Rail can positively impact your bottom line by lowering maintenance costs, reducing unplanned downtime, and increasing the service life of your most specialized hopper cars. Amsted Rail understands that in a competitive commodity market, the integrity of every pellet contributes to the profitability of each railcar load. That’s why we precision-engineer our full line of components to deliver the most cost-effective and secure transport, loading and unloading solutions for all your valuable pellet shipments.

Imagine maximizing your return and multiplying that difference by hundreds of thousands of pellet car loads per year!

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Universal Hatch Cover: Meets vented and non-vented applications
  • Proprietary design to meet both vented and non-vented hopper applications, utilizing the same base cover
  • Self-adjusting latch maintains gasket compression during extreme temperatures
  • Rugged ABS construction provides uncompromised strength at lighter weight, for exponentially more profitable operation
  • Lower profile design eliminates locking arm, no tools needed for in-service adjustment
Pneumatic Pellet Outlet Gate by Amsted Rail
  • Effectively controls pellet movement to minimize contamination
  • Maintains efficient throughput, while reducing friction-induced melting and resin buildup on conveyor line
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight, watertight, rugged design to protect integrity of pelletized chemicals
  • Interior constructed of aluminum with smooth finish for low maintenance, easy cleanout
  • Low profile design available
  • Dual shaft allows sampling from either end and its valves permit infinite flow rate control and widest available opening for easy sampling and unloading
  • Hooks to pneumatic discharge system when pellets are vacuum extracted
  • Bolt on connector assembly with locking end arrangements

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Truck Mounted Brake by Amsted Rail
  • Proven high mileage, low maintenance system
  • Lower total cost of railcar ownership
  • AAR approved
  • Complete Bogie Assemblies: Built for the long haul in heavy haul
  • Amsted Rail is the driving force in building the most reliable bogie assemblies in the world
  • Design and manufacture a range of complete bogie systems – including fully customizable assemblies
  • Consistently exceed the million-mile barrier, even in the ever-changing, harsh operating climate of heavy haul freight transportation