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Data to Drive Decisions

IONX® provides data that enables you to gain visibility of your rail and locomotive assets to see location and condition status in near real time.

Our customizable Web-based dashboards give the right information to the right managers at the right time so they have comprehensive information essential to managing your fleet’s performance, condition and security.

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Near Real-Time Tracking and Tracing
  • Locate, protect and manage mobile assets
  • Identify idle assets
  • Minimize unauthorized use of cars
  • Identify lost or stolen assets
  • Reduce demurrage costs
Real-Time Alerts on Critical Events
  • Geo-fence alerts
  • Motion sensor alerts
  • Pre-defined condition alerts
Condition Reports Provide Operational Insights
  • Identify misapplied handbrakes
  • Monitor bearing temperatures
  • Identify underweight or overweight cars