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Combining M2M communications with GPS, Amsted Digital Solutions® systems deliver near real time data to better manage fleet operations and improve financial performance. With Amsted Digital Solutions you can increase the visibility of mobile assets, improve logistics management, identify supply chain bottlenecks, and receive immediate notification of critical events. Amsted Digital Solutions provides comprehensive solutions customized to meet the needs of fleet managers in many industries. Amsted Digital Solutions offers an array of wireless sensor applications to meet any of your needs, customizable for every commodity and asset type. These sensors provide secure information, all from a highly sophisticated, encrypted network, and all at your fingertips.

ISO Tank Fleets

The Challenges to Managing ISO Tank Fleets:

  • Accurately track mobile assets in real time
  • Optimize utilization of ISO tanks
  • Control unauthorized use of ISO tanks
  • Improve operational productivity


With Amsted Digital Solutions, Managers of ISO Tank Fleets can:

  • Verify that an ISO tank is at a specific site
  • Know when each tank departs and arrives
  • Be alerted to delayed shipments or extended dwell times in yards
  • Reduce exposure to costly expedited shipments and demurrage fees
  • Improve fleet utilization to maintain lean inventory and control capital investment

The Challenges Facing Utilities:

  • Tracking arrival and departure times from plants and mines
  • Optimize fleet performance
  • Control and reduce maintenance costs
  • Managing crews to unload trains
  • Improve operational productivity


With Amsted Digital Solutions, Utilities can:

  • Improve utilization of crews for unloading
  • Track tonnage from specific mines for contract compliance
  • Allocate rail car usage to appropriate cost centers
  • Monitor proper loading practices fleet wide
  • Have accurate tracking of the delivered cost of coal
Tank Car Fleets

The Challenges to Managing Tank Car Fleets:

  • Accurately tracking mobile assets in real time
  • Optimizing utilization of tank cars
  • Assuring the security and integrity of the cargo, especially hazardous materials or food grade materials
  • Complying with regulations regarding transportation of hazardous or toxic substances

With Amsted Digital Solutions, Managers of Tanker Car Fleets can:

  • Monitor in real time whether any hatch is closed and sealed, which prevents theft and contamination of the cargo
  • Know when each shipment departs and arrives
  • Be immediately alerted to any incident or impact event
  • Be alerted to a broken or missing seal that might invite the involvement of the EPA, DOT, TSA, and the FDA
  • Rely on Amsted Digital Solutions experience with TSA regulations regarding transportation of TIH/PIH materials
Container & Chassis

Challenges to Managing Container and Chassis Fleets:

  • Optimize utilization of Containers and Chasses
  • Avoid excessive container inventories
  • Accurately track mobile assets in real time
  • Control unauthorized use of assets
  • Enhance container and cargo security

With Amsted Digital Solutions, Mangers of Container and Chassis Fleets can:

  • Track asset departure and arrival
  • Receive immediate alerts if containers are off route
  • Track demand versus supply over time and by location
  • Maintain lean inventory, reducing operating expense and capital investment