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Precision-engineered for maximum reliability

Amsted Rail is a world leader in manufacturing brake systems for the heavy haul market. We offer the broadest array of advanced braking equipment, with each component designed to meet the exacting tolerances demanded by the rigors of heavy hauling. They’re built to go long distances with low maintenance and never compromise an inch on stopping distance.

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Empty-Load Devices

Available for all freight car types, Amsted Rail Empty-Load Devices sense whether the car is loaded or empty and proportions brake-cylinder pressure accordingly.

Slack Adjuster

Amsted Rail offers both conventional and truck mounted automatic slack adjusters to maintain constant piston travel, minimizing loss in brake shoe force due to shoe and wheel wear.

Hand Brakes

Amsted Rail has the world’s widest product line of AAR-approved hand brakes, including freight car vertical wheel brakes for any type of freight car.