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The Smart Train™ is here

Amsted Digital Solutions® Asset Monitoring from Amsted Rail uses the latest wireless technology to locate and monitor all your mobile assets in near real time around the globe. With Amsted Digital Solutions you get comprehensive information that is essential to optimizing your whole fleet’s performance, condition and security. So you’ll know whether a tank car is loaded or empty, be able to monitor bearing temperatures, and be alerted to end-of-car impacts. And with the customizable, Web-based dashboard, managers can view relevant data from wherever they are – at any time they like.


The Amsted Digital Solutions Difference

  • Amsted Digital Solutions has proven technology for all sensing, M2M communications and GPS components
  • Amsted Digital Solutions has a leading edge data analytics system designed specifically for rail operations
  • Amsted Digital Solutions serves many facets of the freight market – fleet owners, railroads, and leasing companies
  • Amsted Digital Solutions has experience with TSA regulations regarding transportation of TIH/PIH materials Tank Cars
  • Amsted Digital Solutions has the financial stability of Amsted Rail, a global multi-billion dollar company, which means we’re here for the long haul. Learn more about Amsted Rail
  • Amsted Digital Solutions and Amsted Rail have extensive expertise in heavy haul operations and manufacturing rail car systems
  • Amsted Digital Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our products are certified intrinsically-safe for North American, European (ATEX) and world (IECEx) standards
  • Amsted Digital Solutions has proprietary, patented technology

Amsted Digital Solutions Technology

Utilizing proven technology of satellite and cellular communications, Amsted Digital Solutions provides users with optimal coverage for their operational needs, anywhere in the world.

Onboard Wireless Gateway

The Onboard Wireless Gateway is the “intelligence center” of the system, using GPS to locate rail car, locomotive and fleet vehicle assets anywhere in the world for near-real-time global tracking. Our products are certified intrinsically-safe for North American, European (ATEX) and world (IECEx) standards. It also uses satellite or cellular service to transmit location and status information directly to the user’s computer or cellular telephone.

Power Management and Communication Systems

The entire Amsted Digital Solutions system leverages our proprietary ultra-low power technology that extends the life and charge of the batteries in the CMU as well as its sensors. Our robust components are engineered to withstand the harshest operating environments, from remote deserts to sub-zero climates.

Online Access to Data

Access your fleet information 24/7 with a secure login to Amsted Digital Solutions’s Web interface. Here you can see the activity of your fleet, right down to the individual asset level. Our customized Web-based managements tools provide a comprehensive view of your system to monitor trends and improve financial performance.