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Amsted Digital Solutions streams fleet data in near-real time through a full array of onboard sensors. From handbrake and impact detection sensors, to on-board weighing systems, to temperature sensors for tanks and bearings — even a hatch monitoring sensor — Amsted Digital Solutions senses everything.

Handbrake Sensor
WSN 3201 verifies proper application of the individual handbrake and can provide near real-time reports for securement of unattended trains.
Impact Detection
T4S and T5X provide the ability to correlate struck coupler force to accelerations. Includes historical data log for refined analysis of your asset’s operating environment.
On-board Weighing System
Advanced Motion Control Truck Assembly (AAR M-976) with integrated transducers and WSN 3162 On-board Weighing System sensors provide precise measurement of the car’s payload. Improves loading and unloading accuracy to maximize logistics and revenue opportunities.
Temperature Sensor
WSN 114-T accurately measures changes in commodity temperature.
Accurately track mobile assets in real time in order to verify that a car is at a specific site, receive immediate alerts if containers are off route and be alerted to delayed shipments or extended dwell times in yards.
Open/Close Sensor
WSN 101-T detects any sudden changes in hatch or door condition by constantly monitoring the status, preventing theft, vandalism, and contamination of the cargo.
Over-Speed Events
Integrated into Intra-Train Communication, accurately track locomotives in real-time in order to detect over-speed events.