Innovations & Expertise

The heavy haul industry, the world over, has come to rely on Amsted Rail to develop products that make it possible to haul heavier loads over greater distances with improved reliability and performance. With a long history of industry innovation, Amsted Rail was the first to meet the M976 performance challenge and continues to raise the bar.

Here are just some of the many innovations Amsted Rail has pioneered:

Asset Monitoring
Combining M2M communications with GPS, IONX systems provide near real time location and condition reports to better manage mobile assets. Improve logistics management, get immediate notification of critical events, and a comprehensive view of your operation to monitor trends and improve financial performance.

The DuraSill Integral Cast Draft System
Manufactured as a customizable integral cast sill, DuraSill provides more strength and a nearly 300 pound reduction in car set weight. When combined with the Twin Pack®™ Draft Gear it lowers impact stress by up to 65%. This means lower maintenance costs, less unplanned downtime, and longer service life for your cars.

Light Weight Truck Assemblies
Utilizing a patented process, Amsted Rail's truck assemblies are the lightest, yet strongest in the industry. Higher-yielded B+ steel enables a reduction in weight by as much as 1,200 pounds per car set, without sacrificing strength.

Micro Alloy™ Wheels
Griffin® Micro Alloy™ wheels are made from a patented new metal that provides increased resistance to thermal degradation. With 72% longer service life you can reduce your costs with fewer wheel set removals.

The SwingMotion™ Bogie
Developed to provide increased lateral stability at higher speeds this bogie provides the maximum performance benefits of previous designs with evolutionary enhancements from Amsted Rail.

Ausbrid bearing
Brenco® was the developer of the short G bearing, a hybrid design for the Australian market. By combining the basic bearing from the Class-G, the AAR sized bearing with the heaviest load capacity, with our "Generation 2000" shorter sealing and mounting components, Brenco® created a bearing that carries even greater loads without the fretting wear normally associated with Heavy Axle Loads.