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Amsted Rail lightweight truck systems will increase carrying capacity and can significantly increase revenue from freight operations or reduce freight transportation costs.
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Truck Assemblies


ASF-Keystone® designs and manufactures a range of complete truck systems to meet every application. Utilizing our patented lightweight process, we have been producing durable heavy haul lightweight truck systems for nearly a decade. Our AAR record speaks to our reliability in service for over 100 years. Our higher-yield B+ steel combined with our patented coring process enables us to reduce weight by as much as 800 pounds per carset on average, without sacrificing strength.
ASF-Keystone® trucks are consistently exceeding the million-mile barrier even in the ever-changing operating environment of heavy haul freight transportation.

Key Facts

M976 Motion Control®

  • The first M976 Truck System to get its certification for North American AAR Interchange Service.
  • Designed and tested with the Amsted Rail core components to ensure product interaction is tuned to provide maximum stability in the harshest operating environments while maximizing the longevity and wear life of the components.
  • This proprietary design was introduced in 2003.
  • Also available in a 125 ton version

Swing Motion®

  • Developed almost 40 years ago to provide Railways with safe high-speed capability and improved ride quality for reduced lading damage.
  • Specified by many customers for use in Automobile service for its lading sensitive characteristics and superb wheel performance
  • Combines the design of a conventional three-piece truck with the well-proven swing hanger and "H" frame elements of a passenger train truck.
  • This truck system provides the maximum performance benefits of all various truck designs with evolutionary enhancements only ASF-Keystone® can provide, based on our dedication to moving the industry forward.

Super Service Ride Control®

  • A workhorse for high utilization assets like coal cars, with proven wheel wear improvements and exceptional life cycle costs.
  • Introduced in the 1990s it continues to be regarded as one of our most widely accepted designs.


  • No other freight car truck offers more reliable stability than the AR-1®.
  • AR-1® Trucks are most widely known for their steering performance, their ability to guide the axles towards a radial position in curves.
  • Steering capabilities of AR-1® Trucks are important in keeping the axles properly aligned on straight track.


  • The S2C truck is typically used in articulated well service in North America in a 70-ton version along with Super Service Ride Control®. It is a standard variable damp, 3-piece truck design.


  • The S2HD truck design was introduced nearly 40 years ago but remains an option to customers as a standard variable damped, 3-piece truck design.
  • Also available in a 125 ton configuration.


  • This variable-damped 3-piece truck design was introduced in the late 1990s and due to ASF-Keystone®’s lightweight manufacturing process, is lighter in weight than our global competitors.

Amsted Rail's Wear Prevention Products extend the life and improve the performance of your railcar components. To see our full line of Wear Prevention Products please click here.


Motion Control®

  • The first truck design to receive North American AAR M976 Certification.
  • Lightest weight complete trucks system available today.
  • Proven performance and life cycle benefits.

Swing Motion®

  • Provides the most cost effective means of providing safe, high-speed capability while reducing rolling stock and track maintenance by decoupling the wheelset from the carbody. This decoupling allows for lower forces on the carbody and lading as well as lower wheel to rail forces reducing wheel and track wear.

Super Service Ride Control®

  • Wider designed friction shoe reduces wear and keeps the truck square.
  • Higher squaring power streamlines performance, reduces lading damage, and helps prolong the life of the car, track, and truck itself.


  • At operating speeds up to 90 mph under empty loaded conditions, new or at 1,000,000 miles, AR-1® Trucks provide a stable ride.

Product Line

  • Motion Control®
  • Super Service Ridemaster®
  • Swing Motion®
  • Super Service Ride Control®
  • AR-1®
  • S2C
  • S2HD
  • S2E