Amsted Rail History

1877- The Griffin® Wheel company is founded by Thomas Griffin®, an Irish immigrant, and begins production of chilled iron wheels.

1906- The Griffin® Wheel company has nine plants, producing more than one million wheels yearly.

Early 1900s- Unit Rail™ begins producing rail anchors

1902- Chicago-based AMSTED® Industries is founded as American Steel Foundries, the result of combining eight foundries in the East and Midwest, the earliest being the Solid Steel Company dating to 1882.

1923- Griffin® shipped more than 1.5 million wheels from 13 plants, an all-time high.

1949- BRENCO® is founded to manufacture bronze journal bearings for railroad freight cars. The company name, BRENCO®, was selected as an acronym for Bronze Engineering Company.

1952- A second rail revolution is in full swing. Diesel locomotives are replacing steam, hauling larger freight cars with heavier loads at higher speeds. Tougher wheels are needed. Griffin® responds with a new, highly efficient method of casting wheels from steel-controlled pressure pouring. This patented method produces steel wheels that last three times longer than iron wheels. Demand surges upward.

1959- BRENCO® receives conditional AAR approval for the product it is known for today throughout the worldwide railroad industry — the tapered roller bearing.

1963- Griffin® has six modern pressure pouring plants — four in the U.S and two in Canada.

Today- BRENCO® manufactures more of its own components than any other railroad bearing manufacturer in the world, which allows it to maintain the highest quality-control standards in the rail industry. BRENCO® is also the leading producer of bearings for new freight railcar builds in the United States, currently the North American market leader

Today- Griffin® heads full speed into a new era of growth and service. Since 1964, we've been supplying the industry with curved plate (parabolic deep-dish) low-stress wheels. For more than a century, Griffin® has been the proven leader in railroad wheel quality, design and service.

Today- Amsted RPS has enough capacity to supply the world with rail fasteners in even a peak year. The manufacturing plant in Atchison can produce well over a million anchors a week. This capacity results in quick turn-around times for our customers and a nimble, responsive organization.